This is a letter sized (8.5 x 11) handout that a friend of mine asked me to make for her since she is starting a small side gig doing wedding coordination. The design was made to be simple but elegant. I also wanted to make it a bit more feminine since, brides are predominately the audience of those providing wedding services such as these. I used Playfair Display for all of the headings, and Raleway for the body copy. The thick and thin strokes of the serif font evokes those feelings of elegance while the sanserif used for the copy is both easy to read and very clean looking. I chose to go with a warm gray color for the type because it added the softness that I was searching for when I wanted to push the more feminine feeling to the design. Below is a postcard sized version of the hand out. I wanted to give her the option of both because a full sheet might be useful in some scenarios, but a smaller sized version could be just as useful, if not more because it's so compact. And finally, I provided her with a simple business card. On it I use the same typeface and colors as on the pieces, as well as the same floral illustration. 

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