Lenovo Landing Page Redesign:
I've designed a simplified landing page with very little displayed. I chose to place the focus on one product displayed on the left, with minimal supporting copy on the right. The intention of the wording, especially the changing words toward the top, is to draw in the user, and to make them feel like the product is made especially for them, ie. the adventure seeker, whether that means a one who seeks thrills and could use the laptop to edit photo's, or the adventure seeker who finds thrills through gaming, etc. The changing words are to make the product appeal to a wide range of users. The line above learn more, "There's a Thinkpad for every mind" is meant to reiterate the individuality of the laptop. The menu bar is also simplified with the intention of having more specific dropdown menu items. The landing page uses full color because based on my research of, Lenovo does not seem to be afraid of using color. I chose one of the colors listed within the Brand style guidelines that I was able to find online. I also chose a full color landing page because design trends seem to be leaning towards full color.

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