This is a logo I created for a non-profit organization in Haiti. Jubilee Farms is an offshoot of the Haiti Christian Development Fund, and it's goal is yeild crops which will provide food to the people in the surrounding villages as well as create jobs. I was tasked with creating a logo, and was given full creative control. The direction I chose was what I felt looked like "classic farm". I wanted the logo to be simple enough, nothing frilly... so I chose to use a san serif with strokes that look more organic than mechanical. For instance on the word "farms" the corners are ever so slightly rounded, there is a nice little curve on the leg of the R; it looks slightly more hand made than say Futura. I wanted the simplicity because in Haiti sleek and modern design is not the norm, and many people are uncomfortable with it. Traditional typographic design is what most logos and signs are comprised of. I did however, choose 2 vibrant colors because Haitian cultures is quite colorful, and color is not something that they shy away from.  

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